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Digital Store delivery

How long does it take before my music will be visible on digital stores?
Here’s how distribution process works. Firstly when we check everything is all OK with your release, it can take approximately 72 hours to be approved and deliver your music to the Digital Stores. Then, partners services will have their own checking process and normally work on anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks.

For example, Spotify require at least 5 days before earliest release date for new content and at least 2 days for take-downs and updates.

Therefore the final distribution time can take between 3 and 4 weeks to guarantee placement on all stores. These time scales are very loose, we have be known to have releases up as little as 24 hours after upload to some services. The fewer problems at upload, the quicker the distribution. Though we always advise leaving as much time a possible before your release date!

Here in DISTRIMuszk® it’s SIMPLE. Submit your song to us on Monday, your song is live by Saturday!** We are committed to have your song live within a week.

**music cleared from audio copyright

Do these stores notify me once my music is live with them?
DISTRIMuszk® commitment is to have your song live within a week. Unfortunately stores and streaming services do not provide an automated notifications system for when your music goes live in the stores. However, if you set a release date when uploading your release then it will go live on that date. If you didn’t set a release date then please keep checking stores to see when your music goes live. We suggest to check it from time to time on Digital stores.
How Many tracks can I submit?
Currently DISTRIMuszk® doesn’t have a limit for how many tracks an artist are able to submit. However, with relation to tracks artists upload they must have full authority or ownership to designate copyright.
Can I choose what stores I want to distribute?
Yes! You can select all, or just a few store for distribution of your music.
What are ISRC?
An ISRC is a code that gets embeded as data into your song, it works as virtual identification and is a bit like a bar code. Without an ISRC your song could be played for free in areas which would otherwise entitle you to royalties.
What is a UPC & how it works?
A UPC is very similar to an ISRC. Whereas an ISRC is a virtually embeded code, a UPC is a physical bar code used for the whole album/collection of songs. UPCs are found on anything for sale, in shops, supermarkets etc.
How Do I Get ISRC & UPC?
We provide ISRC & UPC free of charge saving up to $75!
How can I cancel distributions? (in-Delivery Status)
You can remove your content from any or all stores, at any time (at no charge). You can take down one release or multiple releases. All you need to do is email us with all relevant details of your release.
How can I cancel/modify live distributions?
Please indicate the UPC# of the album or track you wish to Modify or cancel. Please note that we need to take down the tracks/albums once requesting for modification/cancellation. Once submitted make sure everything is perfect to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
How Do I switch to DISTRIMuszk®
We’re glad you’re thinking of joining DISTRIMuszk®! For the success of your switch, you will need to contact your current distributor and request that they take your content down from stores, and then you can re-upload and distribute and submit it with us. Unfortunately there is no way to move content on the back-end so it remains live in stores while you switch distributors.